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Have you ever looked at your stack of "to do" items and wondered, "How am I going to manage all these tasks?" Let me help you! I've been mapping business systems for 15 years and am ready to optimize your revenue and employee satisfaction. 

What PetuniaWrites Does:

  • Initial Phone/Zoom Consultation

  • Goal Setting

  • Systems Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Website Development

  • Training Documentation

  • Editable PDF Design and Webforms


How it works?

1. We meet to discuss your goals and current processes.

2. I interview employees and make process maps.

3. We talk about areas to test out new processes.

4. I train employees and monitor progress.

5. We review and come up with a one-year plan.


Contracts and fees are coming soon.

Training plans for managing workplace conflict are on their way. Check back shortly. 


You may also refer to my blog for inspiring and thought-provoking content.  

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