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Be Kind

Angels whisper in the winds:

"Take a shopping cart back (or two).

Open a door for someone (still).

Take it back to our roots - care for one another."

Just like it's better to have a bunch of friends for diverse experiences,

It's better to keep trade routes open with other countries so

We are a better world community.

If government was a parent to all,

We would not send our children to battle,

We would work on our problems together.

It was fine before now;

it will be fine again.

Let's not settle for fine.

Let's make each moment precious.

Be kind to plants,

Be kind to animals,

Be kind to humans.


Be kind, people, be kind.

1 comentário

marlin 11
marlin 11
19 de mai. de 2020

Are we sure fish have feelings? Must be a metaphor!

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