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Melting Hearts

When the crowd stood up and shouted,


the girl finally left her cross.

They spoke of fame and progress, self-worth and grand designs...

She spoke of a time when she would feel innocent again.

As he fell asleep, his sins circled him.

He tried to push them on her.

Then, he tried to wash them away.

Soaking his misery in the tub didn't work.

The water couldn't even begin to be deep enough. 

Trying to tease out the truth, she attempted to wake him.

She could have comforted him, 

She could have changed his fate... 

Instead, she let him pretend the water helped him.

Curled up like a baby, a grown man cried for justice.

So big and so strong, yet he was so immersed in the sins of his father,

and of his father before him, and of every father before them that he couldn't wake up to count the costs.

She refused to take on his family's nightmares.

They were not going to get at her heart.

When the nightmares proved to be too much for him, he found his sleep.

Weak in the tub,

his sins brought back the remorse of our world's youth.

To pretend you're greater than you are is your downfall. 

The water appears clean when it really aims to drown. 

She gave him what he wanted, and he still couldn't let the sins go. 

You tried to push those sins on me,

but they evaporated. 


Because I let them go.

I let them go!

We will combat negativity with wisdom!

We will have the power to control what comes out of our hearts!

We may need a dose of medicine for the disease that surrounds us,

but we won't need a pill for the hate you tried to put in us! 

We melted each other's hearts when we stood up and shouted, "Hooray!"

When we took to the streets, we sang of Redemption!, and we were Relieved of our crosses!

We're too trained to crumble.

We've had too much practice moving sins along.

No one can leave their sins in us!

Because we let them evaporate!

We let them go!

She still wants to compete for his soul!


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