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Women's Rights 2021

If men got pregnant, would we be having this conversation? I don't support killing children. I do support a woman’s right to choose how to make her life the most successful it can be!

People, if you have never held a sperm mixed with an egg in your belly, then you have no idea, and you can't talk on the topic. We, who have, are put in charge of life today and tomorrow - our lives and our future one’s lives... When we choose not to give a live birth, we are not saying we don't value life... We do, very much in fact, love and value life - we value our own survival.

Most of us are young and in financial need. We know we have to find a way to pay for this child's every need, every day, for years infinite. We don't make this decision when we have a loving network and a significant amount of money. Since men can walk away, most women are left alone raising children. We want to do it, raise a family, but we also know what is possible with the fewer children we GET TO choose to produce! It is in society's best interest to help women choose to work and serve people all day at jobs - that we are superb at by the way! The more children we have, the more childcare we need to go to work. The more expensive daily life becomes for us (and the less sleep we get to be productive at our jobs). Also, men, tune in now! Laws like this will make nightlife and dating unsafe! How could we ever take the chance again? Men, you better think about that!! We literally won't be able to leave the house if we go to jail for abortion, when we are taken advantage of on a nightly basis if we "date."

We may not agree on the decision, yet we must agree on the choice OR we have no hope to survive the streets, the daily life, the daily grind! And, we, sisters, grind. We know we would (and may) choose to die for this child (and every child) in an instant, yet in this instance, we know we have to give up this life to raise our own lives. We outbrave everything in this life, and it takes strength to stop an egg and a sperm from dancing in the streets. I support WOMEN'S RIGHTS TO CHOOSE when and where. It's basic civil rights stuff that I thought we won?! We should have the choice and not be punishable to all who participate in and aid and abet health and financial choices! Whom does this future protect? Does it protect our daughters, our sisters, our brothers, our neighbors, our cousins, the strangers on the street? Mental and physical health should be a priority for every mom. We become moms the second we become pregnant, and we never stop praying for their little souls to intertwine with the next step. However, most of us are still children ourselves when making the choice to abort! We give prayers up for all the unborn that we still remember because we have big mother's hearts every time we choose our mental, physical, and financial health first!

Peace! Let us help us (and them) choose!! Let's not reverse civil rights' laws! Would we abort if advantaged with money and love? Happily ever after? Happily ever after doesn't exist for some when reproducing. Fight for women's rights to choose always - whenever and wherever!


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