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Rock 4 Change

Like stars, rocks talk back.

You just have to listen.

They tell of our ancestors.

They tell of our children's future children.

They are constant.

They empower us.

Share them.

Believe in their grip.

When you hold them, paint them.

Then, give them to a grieving soul.

Ask them to see the future.

Ask them to give honor to the past.

They will imagine a new era.

They will let their hearts heal.

They will survive this nightmare and the next.

They will wake up with possibilities abounding from inspired dreams.

Go back to your first intuitions --- kindness and Unicorns.

The stars are kind to us --- they keep shining!

The big dipper lights up the sky somewhere.

We will burn this atmosphere into a sacred oblivion!!!

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marlin 11
marlin 11
May 19, 2020

My favorite one, so far 👍

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