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The Right Way

There is a right way.

I believe this to be true.

The right way is what they say -

Down a sandy beach, around an abandoned corner...

We play in the pool and wonder why the stars are so determined and

Can we be as strong as their arms?

We go to the place we wished for with our childhood friends---

The place on the edge of the cliff where daylight first glows.

We go to this place when we feel our bird song fill is low.

We go to this place when we stop searching for the right path.

I'll tell you the sensations are more divine than a mermaid's lagoon.

The dream is that you get there and gain your sanity.

This dream tells of a time when all people become free.

This dream allows you not to care what side the sun picks to rise on.

May we all be allowed to see

The true light burst through again?

Today, if we allow new meaning to be carved upon our hearts,

We will create a map of kindness for the Right and Rarely Traveled Path to be open to us.


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