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All People at the Tea Party Must Have Tea

We can do better.

We must do better.

Every page matters.

Every decision makes a difference for good or for evil.

When asked as a child why we do things, we are more apt to say,

"For the good of all people!"

Let us regain that genuine desire for good.

Each touch, each word brings about positive momentum.

Healing from centuries of trauma takes centuries of healing.

YWCA has had the motto for years

"Eliminating Racism; Empowering Women!"

Let's follow suit.

Let's squash uncertainty.

Look to Seattle for canceling curfew.

Look to Facebook for electronically walking out.

Look at cops everywhere walking with protesters.

Look to Obama asking for police tactic reform and being heard.

Look to the globe rooting for our people to receive peace and justice.

Keep vigilant! Keep fighting! Fighting can be without violence.

Fighting is a state of awareness of the past injustices and a future Just path.

The battle never ends; it just changes faces...

Build bridges and make peace --

Those are the children of Heaven's ACTIONS.

Day and night; fight in this manner.

Make it right!

Positive touch brings about positive health.

Look up at the sky and feel the power through nature's eyes.


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