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Dream Adjusting: the Beauty of Getting Wise

Now, when we make mistakes, we can go, "Whoa!"

It's not the worst thing I've done.

It's not even in the top 10.

It's not even in the top 100.

Yes, it's not even in the top 1,000.

We've made that many mistakes.

Ya gotta admit, People, growing up is haaaaard business.

She was often modified 2 fit into his package.

Perseverating on the littlethings, she had 2 Learn How 2 Adjust her Focus.

2 look at the bigger picture...

2 imagine life without time, without borders.

2 not be 1 littleshrimp in a Sea Full of Eels.

She adjusted her escape tactics over and over.

NeverNeverNeverLand was not going 2 bury her.

Like growing out bangs, it's a painful process.

They change directions many, many times, yet they always reach their destination.

Like bangs, YOU are learning 2 hold on 2 & 2 not hold on 2 your roots.

They didn't know where to turn when the tide changed and took their home.

Allies painted on new faces every moment.

In their world, you had to have way more wealth than heart.

They needed to rebuild after each storm wreaked havoc in order to create a solid web.

We change the health of OUR WORLD

When we repair the pieces...broken, repaired, broken, and repaired again.

We are able to mold better structures for each other

When we help out OUR ACCOMPLICES in life &


We seek out new opportunities to influence HOPE

When we drop our stubbornness by the brush pile.

Stubbornness is the opposite of happiness.

Stubbornness is the opposite of happiness.

Stubbornness is the opposite of happiness.

He was so cleverly manipulated

That he grew up to believe

His own manipulations

Were on the side of fortune.

What is the next child going to do?

Morph us into a new reality where heart is considered 1st!

Yes, we must keep dreaming up kind schemes in order to survive.

Adjust your dreams and GO!

Feed the soil around you with positivity.

There are infinite interpretations one may make when living.

On this story tree, there is a fresh branch growing.

Grab it!


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