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Rain on Us! Shine on Us!

As always close to Petunia's heart are fellow musicians and the music industry as a whole.

Today, TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2020, music gives up a black screen in solidarity for the word going around in our country and across the globe - -

We take a moment of pause for the losses and for the gains.

We take a moment to prepare for the future losses and gains.

We are one force of nature.

Let's choose to clean up.

Let's choose to stand as one voice.

To acknowledge that: "FREEDOM SHOULD REIGN FOR ALL OF US!"

One community forward / one hand offering help just in time.

Last night, people took in people in protest.

Providing a safe place to recover, they held steady to the universal truth of love.

During curfew, these brave citizens ACTED while saying, "We Will LOVE!"

Actions, and words, continue to call our friends to ACTION.

"FREEDOM Rain Down On All of Us!" in the soggy/sunny streets of Seattle.


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